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Hair as Art?

Thank you for visiting “The Gallery.”


Our editorial team here at The Loft Hair Design worked extremely hard to put together this majestic collection. Our ‘blood, sweat and tears’ went into making this photo shoot as astonishingly innovative and amazing as you see it today. We saw the promise of transforming hair and makeup into works of art. With endless possibilities laid out by our leader, Shawna Cruise, “The Gallery” evolved as an organic expression of our various talents. Check back frequently as this is the first in an evolution of editorial collections to be developed by our team.


We would love to hear from you about your views of hair and makeup as art. What did you particularly like about our collection? Which looks are you most likely to wear and which do you think are more representative as an art display? What would you like to see in our editorial collections in the future?


– Webmaster Gia, The Loft Hair Design